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Pineapple Roots

Pineapple Body Oil w/ Grapeseed Oil

Pineapple Body Oil w/ Grapeseed Oil

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  • skin cell renewal
  • light & non-greasy
  • tone & tighten skin
  • vitamins & antioxidants
  • reduce appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles & scars

This exquisite formula combines the nourishing properties of grapeseed oil, the gentle exfoliation of bromelain, the rejuvenating effects of essential oils, and the protective power of vitamin E. Experience the ultimate skin indulgence as this body oil hydrates, revitalizes, and gives you a radiant and healthier-looking complexion.
   The invigorating aroma of pineapple adds a refreshing touch to your skincare routine, providing an uplifting and energizing experience for both the body and mind.

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